*This is the sweater I am going to live in all fall. Something about cowl necks and arbitrarily placed buttons makes me swoon. Little Houses so talented!*

This is the funniest make-up tutorial I’ve ever seen. Gloria is rad.

Quick one today, oh yeah! I added an RSS feed, so now you can subscribe if you want!



*From the mighty awesome blog my Dad sent me over to-Epicute.*

Here Comes The Sun never looked so good.

I will live in these rouched boots for the next year.

Robyn Cumming is an interesting photographer.

Carnivale is addicting, so don’t get started unless you can finish it.

I’m speechless at how cool this donkey is. From Peregrine Honig.

Bleach Black is the best fashion blog I’ve ever read. Hands down.

Pretty anchor ring over at Beyond the Valley.

I’ve seen these Picasso light drawings before, but maybe you haven’t, and if not you definitely should.

I’m excited for Neil Krug’s Pulp.

Unicorn bowl via NotCot.


*Sometimes water makes me anxious but I think flume rides are the best*

Esquire did a fantastic 75 year retrospective that made me smile, cringe, and generally retroactively fall in love with the magazine.

I might have to take up an antiquated hobby (playing spoons? pocket watch repair? planning my life by The Farmer’s Almanac?) to justify buying/wearing this hat.

Cardboard carpet? Best practical, actually impractical, idea in a long time.

Eat Me Daily is a food site worth clogging your Google reader with.

Little boots, big voice.

P.S. No offense to anyone, but cutout booties (they sound almost as ugly as they look) need to make their exit.



*The images are from Romance, a book that’s $50 (crazy, I know)  but one day it will be mine because it’s been haunting my mind ever since I saw it a few days ago*

This leather bag. This. Leather. Bag.

American Vintage’s overalls are rad! Thanks Bleach Black.

Definition of cute: fruit loop necklaces and simple gold bands.


This hilarious card stamp via Design Milk. If you gave it to someone would they get the joke or just be insulted? I believe they’d get it.


Wonky dresses for a wonky girl.


Any regular reader knows my heart gets big for circus/carnival themes, so it’s no surprise I like Studio Violet’s work.


Facial hair makes my heart sing? I never knew.

Unusual things are making me smile today, like sunshine goths.