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Maegan, one of my favorite fashion/style/beauty bloggers who has a ton of cool D.I.Y. projects and is an all around sexy broad, did a great tutorial on white girl afro hair. What outfit does this work with? Any and every? Advertisements

The D.I.Y. Post


I’m going to make myself one of these dresses with a giant sweatshirt from a thrift store that costs me $4 and wear a bright pink tank top under it. This is a really cool tutorial on how to make a jersey spaghetti version of this Necklush, a scarfy/necklacey thing that came out sometime last […]

This girl, Kandee (I am all about not judging people on incredibly boring/outrageous names), has to be the most awesome female to ever live. I am so so seriously enamoured with her, her style, her make-up tutorials, her attitude. Falling in love is always so nice.

Soule is having a sale until midnight Monday (9/7), 10 percent off! The plates above are $44 before the discount, how whimsical are the shapes and delicate little power lines?



Dear Golden Vintage, Thanks for this scarf: These peeoptoes, honestly, they are breathtaking: And this spacey but cool dress that looks it was made from grid paper used in geometry class:

These Little Gordon shorts are the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. They make the drunk squirrel look like an episode of Law & Order. I had to put them all here because I couldn’t choose just one. There’s some edited profanity, so potentially NSFW. Once a tyrant…