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*The images are from Romance, a book that’s $50 (crazy, I know)  but one day it will be mine because it’s been haunting my mind ever since I saw it a few days ago* This leather bag. This. Leather. Bag. American Vintage’s overalls are rad! Thanks Bleach Black. Definition of cute: fruit loop necklaces and […]

This hilarious card stamp via Design Milk. If you gave it to someone would they get the joke or just be insulted? I believe they’d get it. Wonky dresses for a wonky girl. Any regular reader knows my heart gets big for circus/carnival themes, so it’s no surprise I like Studio Violet’s work.

Facial hair makes my heart sing? I never knew. Unusual things are making me smile today, like sunshine goths.

Miles of Chairs


Wow, almost a week since my last post! I’ve been a busy girl I guess. The internet brought me two awesome things in the way of furniture this week. These expensive but lovely chairs with iconic images on the fabric. Also these couches make a bold statement with their color and pattern choice.