Show Pony


Owliday Inn is offering Can’t Live Without readers %10 off her stuff! Even though it’s handmade and already affordably priced! Just go to her Etsy store and mention my blog in your message to her and you got yourself an awesome art deco pendant. I’m going to order the family crest one, so hands off.

It takes longer to create or alter your own clothes/fashions than it does to buy obviously, but I think the results are more satisfying than what I usually end up pulling out of my shopping bags when I get home from a serious spree. It’s not cause I’m wonky shaped or picky-sometimes it’s just nice to wear customized stuff. Like these tights for instance, that are super sweet, easy to make, and were posted originally by A Cup of Jo.


If you’re super ambitious, and I’m not but I’d like to think I am, you could make one of these adorable dresses from Colette Patterns. They actually look pretty simple, but still hip although I never think of clothes made from patterns as being even remotely fashionable.


I can’t stop listening to this Royksopp song.


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