Pretty, Pretty, Prettier Than Real Life


Sometimes the internet feels unreal. Not just because it’s essentially intangible, but because it often contains things that’re more beautiful than ‘real’ life. These are some of those things.


These earrings are simply lovely. Fleur-de-lis isn’t for everyone but it is for me. And the fact that they’re 12 bucks doesn’t hurt either. Actually everything by this seller (Owliday Inn) makes my day.

handmadenotebooksI know we all have a ton of notebooks. I know there are way too many cute little journals to jot your thoughts down in, and who needs another charming blank book? But I do. Especially really beautiful handmade ones like these. This came my way via Design Milk.

And I know, if there’s anything more frivolously beautiful than boutique notebooks it’s wallpaper, but this stuff just has me so taken I had to share. It’s not like you have to buy it, you can just gaze on it. Again, thanks for the useless pretty goes to Design Milk.


Have you ever noticed how incredible The Beatles are? Of course you’ve heard all about them endlessly, but, you know, if you haven’t given their version of Baby It’s You a listen lately, you should. Just saying.


One Response to “Pretty, Pretty, Prettier Than Real Life”

  1. 1 Maya

    Thank you for featuring my fleur-de-lis earrings and your kind words about my shop, Owliday Inn. I would be happy to offer you and your readers a discount of 10% off, just for being so supportive! Just send me a note on Etsy and reference Can’t Live Without to redeem the discount.


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