No One Touches the ‘Stache!



*Picture nicked from Dailydesignfix*

Now. Come on. I’m not philosophically opposed to trends—generally I embrace them—but for some reason the fingerstache is annoying. The pictures make it clear what a fingerstache is, but if you want a more “official” definition, there’s one over on Wikipedia.

I like tattoos, and I can’t live without mustaches, but this style seems to defy all coolness. For the record, I love women in mustaches. I have many a picture of myself in both drawn on and self-adhesive varieties (one such fuzzy ‘stache still lives in my failing wallet as a fond memory). I don’t know…maybe it’s something about people having to position their fingers like they’re about to sniff them that puts me off.

While doing extensive research (seriously) on today’s post, I discovered this song and it kept me company the whole time. The Hood Internet does mash-ups, and this is my favorite off their website, where you can listen to their stuff for free. The internet wins again.


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