Today Was A Great Day For The Internet


Coolness ruled the online world today. It’s gonna be a long one, so stick with me here…


Food Gawker is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s magnificent.

Via Design Milk, a table that doubles as decorative carpet. How very inspired.

Speaking of interior design, Boing Boing had a ram’s head coffee table. I’m not one to champion dead animal skulls kicking around the house, but I won’t deny their inherently arresting aesthetic.

As someone who is notorious for donning bright orange scarves and yellow tights, you can understand why je adore Wear Paletts.

I know this Craft article is about using nature, but the pieces are just gorgeous. Who cares what they’re made of.

I’m joining the cloud society because it’s makes your eyes feel the way bacon makes your mouth–happy.

See how crazy today was? Even the Dieline had something of interest: Rebel Green products for making already great fruit even better by making it cleaner.

And I just have to say quickly, while the sun in shining on Seattle today, that even when it rains, Big Country, by Big Country, always makes me happy.


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