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Grease Fire


In a war of the delicious we all win. My recent obsession with cooking has given me something to ponder: which European chef is the hottest of them all? Today I have Eric Ripert, in this video showing us how to make garlic shrimp. From what I can tell, he’s the best chef ever yet […]

For some reason I think this container being used for a bunch of cool projects/performance art is one of the coolest things, but I can’t quite describe why… At first I thought that the bin itself had a particularly meaningful and easy to use shape, but that’s probably not it. Anyways, whatever the reason, I […]

Dance party this weekend for me, and laundry. Yesterday this designer made me wish I had a job so I could buy her stuff, more than my usual amount of wishing I had a job so I could buy regular stuff like shampoo. I want to try and make every single thing she has listed. […]



Making roasted garlic now. Garlic is one of the most important people in my life, so much in fact that I’m going to grow my own. How ambitious am I right? Big words for a woman sitting on her couch in fuscia house slippers, pajama pants, no shower yet, and a wollen robe. In the […]

Today was a day of YouTube videos: Ellen does a sweet interview with her wife here. Stephen Colbert stays hilarious and brings Korean popstar Rain with him. And last, how to make Irish soda bread in less than two mintues! Today is also a soon-to-be-fantastic St. Patrick’s Day celebration with this man:

I’m Sold


This 3D Hello Kitty cookie cutter is way too sweet to be real. The demonstration in the picture shows it can also be used for bread. I can only image how cool the kid that gets that sandwhich in his lunch grows up to be. (Future husband?)

Shoegaze much?


My Bloody Valentine is coming to Seattle! I’m so happy to see they’re touring because from what I understand their backwards/forwards/sideways guitar work is hard to recreate live–can’t wait to see what it sounds like! $38.50 for tickets, and it looks like it’s one of only five tour dates in April (Seattle = Music Lucky), […]