Was hoping to find some prints of these Mreeuh Chang paintings from the Traffic series; no luck. You know what they say about Mreeuh Changs, all the good ones are either taken or gay. (via Design Milk)

This guy finds all things cool for Anthropologie. (via Fashionista)

Mesmerizing. Dean Rogers took first-person perspective pictures of nine cultural icons that were killed in car accidents.

A yellow and white scarf with-wait-what’s that? Unicorn prints!? Bien!



Maegan, one of my favorite fashion/style/beauty bloggers who has a ton of cool D.I.Y. projects and is an all around sexy broad, did a great tutorial on white girl afro hair. What outfit does this work with? Any and every?

The D.I.Y. Post



I’m going to make myself one of these dresses with a giant sweatshirt from a thrift store that costs me $4 and wear a bright pink tank top under it.


This is a really cool tutorial on how to make a jersey spaghetti version of this Necklush, a scarfy/necklacey thing that came out sometime last year. I think it’ll be an excellent $5 fall wardrobe and time investment.

This girl, Kandee (I am all about not judging people on incredibly boring/outrageous names), has to be the most awesome female to ever live. I am so so seriously enamoured with her, her style, her make-up tutorials, her attitude. Falling in love is always so nice.


Soule is having a sale until midnight Monday (9/7), 10 percent off! The plates above are $44 before the discount, how whimsical are the shapes and delicate little power lines?



Dear Golden Vintage,

Thanks for this scarf:


These peeoptoes, honestly, they are breathtaking:


And this spacey but cool dress that looks it was made from grid paper used in geometry class:


These Little Gordon shorts are the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. They make the drunk squirrel look like an episode of Law & Order. I had to put them all here because I couldn’t choose just one. There’s some edited profanity, so potentially NSFW.

Once a tyrant…